The Friends of Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot was established in 1985 by a group of residents from the city of Rehovot to help Kaplan Medical Center in a variety of fields such as: construction, purchase of advanced medical equipment, support of medical teams in training and professional courses, and support of medical research.

The association currently has 26 volunteer members headed by the chairman and CEO of the association.
Volunteers are primarily involved in the promotion and marketing of the association and the hospital. They assist in producing fundraising evenings and forming relationships with philanthropists.

The Friends Association operates on several major channels in Israel and abroad, with the primary purpose being to raise the financial resources needed to support the promotion of projects at Kaplan Hospital.

The Friends Association and Kaplan Hospital are working together, in full cooperation, to promote medical excellence and technological development, develop new research areas and improve patient service.


Members of the association’s management

Vered Sarfati – President
Dr. Guy Lin- Chairman
Dr. Sarit Avishay
Simcha Orlev
Yigal Ovadia
Dr. Carlos Grozman
Adina Paldi
Yossi Hecht
Prof. Asher Tishler
Igal Schreiber
Bella Ovadia

Raz Assulin

Assistant to the CEO
Judith Aviv

The Audit Committee
David Zerry – Chairman of the Committee
Attorney Erez Gilad
Attorney Shmuel Bar Danzan

Legal Counsel
Attorney Musi Goldberg

CPA Sagi Lutvak